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I want to give you some details of my exciting new work. But first, I wanna know…how does the name of this work sit with you? ‘Astronomical Abundance’. How comfortable are you referring to yourself as having ‘astronomical abundance’? If your answer is, ‘not very’, then you’re in the right place! (If your answer is ‘super comfortable!’, well you’re in the right place too – there’s no limit to the vibe – the more comfortable you become, the more abundance you’ll draw-in). 

We've been taught wrong about money!

There, I said it! I’m dead against polarised opinions but I find it challenging not to utter these words around this subject. We are not taught how to become abundant. We are taught how to work and receive an exchange. 

And we’ve been taught to equate longer hours, more exhaustion and higher levels of stress with more wealth. I worked really fucking hard as a teacher. For 12 years. My colleagues still continue to do so. With no additional rewards for their hours. Using massive amounts of their own money on the children in their classes because funding in schools are in such short supply. Working hard does not bring abundance! You’re here to deliver ground-breaking, earth shattering impact. You HAVE to have a fat bank account to support this.

We’ve also been taught to see those with wealth as greedy. We look at them with disdain. How could they possibly want more when there are so many with so little?! But the short truth is, one person having more doesn’t take away from those without. The world doesn’t work in this polarised way. The vibes of resentment and judgement drive wealth so far away from you, into the hands of those who haven’t got the world’s interest at heart. Defining people as greedy does not bring abundance!

We’ve been taught that money is scarce and should be hoarded as soon as it is collected. That it’s safer in our account, in our bra draw or under the mattress than it is in circulation. Saving for a rainy day and hoarding money does not bring abundance!

Like EVERYTHING else; we learn about money from our parents. Think about yours for a moment…when you asked for something, were you ever met with

 “Of course. Take your pick. Money is a frequency and we are attuned AF to it!” 

(First of all, LOL to my parents saying ‘attuned AF!!’) 

And second, THEY. JUST. FREAKING. DIDN’T! Why? Because their parents didn’t. And their parents before them (who probs lived through a freaking World War where rationing and not-having was standard). It’s absolutely no surprise that we’ve been raised in these ways. BUT it doesn’t mean that we want to continue into them…right?!

Now here’s where I get super WOO (but if you’re here, you already know I’m down a rabbit hole I, quite frankly, refuse to come out of now!): Money is a mindset. A frequency…an energy…a vibe. It’s super freaking WOO! And ‘woo’ is not embraced in this 3D realm. It’s discredited as ‘fantasy’ and ‘make-believe’ which is why the richest 1% of the world own half of the world’s wealth. Something doesn’t add up! And I’m here to teach you how 1 + 2 doesn’t = 3 (it equals whatever the fuck you want it to!)

Astronomical Abundance Alignment

is still something I work on on the daily

When my children ask me, “mummy, can we…” I’m still met by the conditioning of, “that’s a lot of pennies. We can’t buy that!” I STILL catch myself. Even now. And my world is quantum-leaps away from this space now. But the conditioning runs deep. Every up-level in life brings forth new limiting beliefs around bigger chunks of money. And every day, I strive to be consciously stronger than it. It’s how I’m stepping into new paradigms every moment of every day. It DOES NOT mean the resistance isn’t there (I love my parents and they are still a MASSIVE part of my life. I’ve re-conditioned myself to now see our meetings as my daily mental ‘Astronomical Abundance’ workout practice). 

Always limited by my bank

My healing journey was slow and painful. I did a LOT by myself.  I made incredible progress and began to see life differently. But I was still stuck and limited by what I was willing to invest in myself. I’d eat-up the free content people were sharing, and read books until my eyes began to bleed, but I was always limited by my bank balance (dipping into overdrafts and ‘just getting by’ were my default-setting). I met my first coach and I knew that meeting her was divine timing – I knew it was time to get serious and do something different.

The coach of my dreams was holding a LIVE Masterclass and I wanted in. When I enquired into her pricing, she said she had an offer on because of the financial situation Covid had left so many people in. Yippee! Divine timing. I was thrilled! The invoice read £1,000!!

“And the discount is how much?!?” I enquired

“That is the discounted price!” She responded

I wanted to die!

I wanted to die! I had NEVER spent this kind of money on anything outside of holidays, our home and my car (my car only cost another 2 of these payments. WTF!?!?!)

I was sensible!

I was sensible. I was steady with money. I saved for it first. I figured it out and made a plan. I did NOT spend £1,000 on a four hour Masterclass. And yet, I did…and that was the start of my whole world changing beyond what I could have ever imagined. It was the catalyst. The moment I said ‘I’m doing things differently. I’m making space for different results”.

Yet I did it...

and it was the catalyst for everything in my world changing

Everything changed beyond what I could have ever imagined. It was the catalyst. The moment I said ‘I’m doing things differently. I’m making space for different results”.

I thought life was meant to feel difficult & uncomfortable

I thought that life was meant to feel difficult and uncomfortable. Money was scarce. It had to be ‘saved’ and hoarded whenever I came into any. It felt as if the fixed monthly wage I was earning month to month was not changeable and determined my life. I’d save-up and swing between moments of brilliant-elation (holidays, nice lunches and impulse-buys) to deep, dark lows where nothing seemed affordable and my life was on hold until I could ‘make it work’ (with lots of middle of the road, bleugh kinda feels too) but boy was I wrong!

The common misconception I bought into was that making money was meant to feel like a struggle and challenging. That it was hard work and number of hours that equaled a set amount of money. I started to learn about Manifesting but I still carried-over limiting beliefs that I had to just ‘keep on keeping on’. That I just had to be patient and the results would magically unfold. “Just hold tight, and it’ll happen. Look how far I’ve already come!!” was a phrase I used over and over again (it kept me stuck. It kept me playing safe. It kept me from investing in the tools that, deep down, I knew were going to change my life).

It was like they all knew a secret I didn't

I was feeling challenged because I knew, deep down, that life shouldn’t feel this way. I looked out into the world and it was like everyone else had it ‘sussed’. I watched my coach, living the life I wanted, and I was confused and envious. Money came free and easy to her. And seemingly to the rest of them. They did what they wanted as and when they wanted to. “Why don’t I have any?! What’s wrong with me?!” were the words I uttered regularly.

The first thing I did was...

The first thing I did was get really clear on what I no longer wanted. I was done letting my life be dictated by how much (or little!!) was in my bank account. I wanted to start actually living my day-to-day life and enjoying it. Most of the time. Not the fancy days out I saved for – MY ACTUAL LIFE! 

I had to Re-Examine Everything...

I had to learn how to bring myself to a space where I could see having Astronomical Abundance Alignment as the vantage point/the springboard, to me changing the whole game.

It was like teaching a toddler to walk – unlearning all of the old conditioning (each realisation felt orgasmic as I peeled back the layers) and replacing it with Astronomically Abundantly Aligned software.

A software which sang of ‘more than enough for us all’. Share and spend and more will return to you. Keep money in circulation – it’s how you attract more to you (The Universe HATES  a vacuum). 

My mind was being blow with this work and the outcomes were pointers of ‘you’re doing ace – just keep going – you’ve gotta learn this then you gotta teach it to the world!’

This is what I stepped into instead...

I came to learn that if I wanted more money, I had to spend more money. WHAT?! What the actual?! None of this made ANY sense to me – but I am beginning to figure that this space of unknown is where the magic happens.

In making that first investment, that’s when it started to get different. That’s when it started to happen. I began to stop fearing money so fiercely. I stopped seeing it as limited and in short supply. And I started realising that there was a hell of a lot of it in circulation in the world. That it was my job to figure-out how to get more of it. That money is an essential tool for creating the life that I wanted for myself, for the people I love most and for the world. I HAD to figure this out!

The Choice Point

A four hour masterclass ended quickly. And I was at a MASSIVE choice-point in my life. And I recognised it as such. I was beginning to believe in myself and was moving towards figuring-out that money didn’t work in the way I’d been taught. But I knew I still had limiting beliefs and stories locked too deep inside for me to see by myself (no matter how much reading or group work I did).

The coach in question is in America. We scheduled a meeting for 2am my time (yawn!!). My husband and I both knew that I wanted to continue to work with her. That her experience and knowledge was valuable and therefore working 1:1 with her was gonna be EXPENSIVE! We made a plan for how much was ‘acceptable’ to pay for her and how much we could afford. We both knew that me committing to her 6 Month retainer was literally down to price. 

It was 2am. And we met. She told me her price. £10,000 (£5,000 more than our ‘top-end-if-she’s-this-much-we’ll-struggle-but-we’ll-make-it-work’ price). I cried for a good 20 minutes when she told me… The meeting ended.

I crawled into bed and my husband stirred. 

“How much is she?” He murmured 

“£10K!” I cried.

He woke-up and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry, Em.” He said. “I know how much you wanted to work with her”.

I took a beat. I was SO far away from the wife who needed him to give permission to move forward in her own life now. And this moment was defining for me…

“I’m doing it!” I answered. 

He just stared at me. Bewildered. We both just sat in this embrace as I cried. Knowing that this decision was the biggest I’d made to date.

On the surface...

it meant I’d made a down-payment on something which wasn’t tangible and it was for an amount which I had no idea how I’d afford to pay it.

What it actually meant was..

was that I trusted myself, The Universe and this path entirely. And in this moment, my whole world changed. When you make leaps like this, The Universe has your back. And my life was about to get turned upside down. And it happened in a moment…

It was everything I needed to fast-track myself into my current reality

  • Being able to buy what I want without guilt and not needing to give ALL the reasons why I was worthy or it was ‘justified’
  • Going into a shop and look at the clothes and shoes I actually like (not just going to the sale-rail and being excited about a bargain – bargains are cool, right , but they’re not THE reason I buy something now)
  • Making my whole years teaching salary in 3 months.
  • To quantum-leap light years away from my old relationship with money.
  • To understand that waiting until I can afford it would be lying to myself – I’d be waiting for an eternity. Something would ALWAYS come up – it was my limiting beliefs holding me back, and this was a cold hard truth that I couldn’t see – no matter how much I believed this wasn’t true!
  • To know that it’s not ‘if I get ‘this’ then I can get ‘that’. This ‘this’ and ‘that’ can co-exist at the same extract same time; I get to have my cake AND eat it with sprinkles and a cherry on the top!

And through this deep & expansive work through my own healing, I have been gifted this platform to teach my 1:1 clients, with astronomical outcomes, these strategies. ,

And now I get to teach you how to do it too...

This work is like nothing you've done before

(and I know, I’ve checked. Lots!) Most of the work on Manifesting Money Mindset is centred around repeating words and relentlessly repeating these until they show up in life. More often than not, this doesn’t happen. (SPOILER ALERT: This is NOT how I teach Astronomical Abundance!) This way, you get disillusioned and go back to the drawing board with a deeper attitude of ‘How silly of me to ever believe it could be different. Never again!’ This gets you stuck deeper into your limiting beliefs. Finding your way out gets more challenging.

Get ready to quantum leap

With my unique work, we get ready to step into a new paradigm where Money is in Astronomical Abundance.

You get to spend what you want, when you want to.

It’s no longer ‘if this, then that’. It’s just this. And then more of this. Then some of that. And then some…

Because I will teach you that money is an energy. It’s a frequency. And I teach you how to attune yourself to it and attract more of it into your life. There is always more. And The Universe is always conspiring to find the easiest route to allow it to make its way towards you. 

Get ready to tune in

You were born with purpose. NO QUESTION! You just need to tune out of the frequencies which are keeping you stuck and tune into the frequencies of abundance. And that’s what you’ll learn inside ‘Astronomical Abundance’. That purpose of yours; that centre of longing which burns within you; that niggle which is underneath everything; gets to feel a whole lot easier when money worries are off your plate! 

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

No matter how uncomfortable this makes you feel, you have to come to understand that money is THE key to your life expanding. Surplus money gives you access to the time, space, people and locations which allows the joy of life to truly unfold and allows you to bring your light into the world. And yes, I’m talking about you too. I promise you (I can hear your self doubt from here—I can identify. This was me too; and not all that long ago)! If I’ve sent this to you, I see you. I know that the abundance you seek is seeking you too. It’s just a matter of attuning yourself to it and drawing it near.

You've gotta wanna see!

But you must want to see it. If you refuse to do anything different, nothing different will happen to your life. How much longer are you willing to sit in this? Ask yourself that question – with love, but with definite intent.

Attuning yourself to align with Astronomical Abundance is THE way to change it all. If you’re done with having ‘just enough’ and living paycheque to paycheque then, this is how it gets to be different. 

What my clients say...

I've been working closely with a group of people for the last few months & the results they are receiving are beyond even my wildest dreams (& I dream BIG!)

  • A CEO is now building her business and hiring a team so that she can delegate, step out of the roles that aren’t serving her and spend her time in the ways she wants to whilst still generating higher levels of income
  • One business owner is expanding his business, as the demand for his work is increasing so dramatically
  • Coaches are drawing-in more and more high ticket clients who are getting the results of their dreams
  • Women are investing in their self care as a routine part of their lives instead of a periodic ‘treat’
  • They’re investing in themselves first without guilt or shame – knowing, devoutly that The Universe has her back and it will ALL unfold the way it’s meant to
  • I have women generating £10K+ months
  • Women are attuned and excited by investment opportunities in different streams to generate passive income to supplement and surpass their regular income
  • I have women aligning with higher pay and bonuses and receiving them with ease and alignment…

All because they said

to aligning with the vibe of

Every outcome of Astronomical Abundance looks dazzlingly different. But the process for attuning and aligning this is the same. And this alignment is what I am teaching to you in ‘Astronomical Abundance’.