The Happy Space


Happiness lives inside you … it’s there, waiting for you to find it again

You KNOW that you’re here for More but your overthinking, anxious-filled brain is convincing you otherwise

You’re actively seeking a life where it feels fun and fulfilling

Where you wake up in the morning and you’re filled to the brim with excitement for what the day has to offer.

NOT one where you function from day to day, hoping and wishing that the next is a better version 

You appreciate that life will throw challenges in your direction but you want to be UP for making it an exciting adventure (and not ANOTHER reason to fall back, feel more hurt and trust the world even less).

You want to thrivenot just survive

You want to understand the underworkings of this world – the things that we aren’t taught – the magic that lives inside you that just needs a little nudge to wake-up 

You want to learn HOW in a no nonsense approach that’s practical. Where you walk away with another skill to add to your armoury of How to Live a Rockstar Life



  • Join a group of Sisters LIVE, for a full hour each month, with Emma Upton
  • Join LIVE or watch the replay to work with your timetable
  • Learn and walk away with profound, practical and repeatable skills in ways you’ve never experienced before
  • Breathwork, meditation, manifesting, mantras and more
  • KNOW you’ve embodied a new code embedded in your being (which you can NEVER lose!) EVERY time we share this space together
  • Be in the energies of Emma Upton – let her take you to places where you unlock parts of you in the safest, most inviting, loving space
  • Learn a tool each month that will allow you to unlock overthinking

Pay for 6 or 12 months today and get a FREE 20 minute 1:1 call with Emma to strategize where to focus in the work and how to create THE BEST results

I am SO CERTAIN that this work will transform your whole world that if you aren't blown-away by your experience you can have your money back