The FREE Foundation Story

You know! ⚡️

You know who you are. 🧬

And you know what you’re here to do.

You also KNOW you know. 🤩💖🙏🥲

You also ALSO know that knowing Yourself at an even deeper level, ⚡️🧬and allowing this to flow through you🤸‍♂️, IS how you create the impact/=income you’re here to create. ⚡️🤩💸🧲

I will sing the importance of this until I’m blue in the face, BUT…

You’ve also gotta know that the strategy you’re using is working for you. 📈

I am a Creative. I’m an empath. I am born to be creating and shaping my unique body of work! 😆🤩🤸‍♂️

I do NOT wanna be wasting hours of my life knee-deep in strategy – I blooming-well HATE it!!

So I knew, that to deliver my work to everyone who’s meant to receive it, I had to develop a strategy that was as easy as breathing. 

I have a brain that LOVES to overthink and complicate EVERYTHING so I had a CHALLENGE on my hands! 🤪🤣

I read all of the books, took the courses, created email sequences and sales pages which drove me ROUND THE BEND (and left me more confused by the “what I should be doing”). It didn’t generate me ANY new business, and yet my business was growing month on month 🤪🤯. It didn’t make sense…

So I stripped it ALL back, looked at what I was doing which ACTUALLY brought my work to other people and made the impact/=income it’s here to. Through this endeavor, I made sales SUPER SIMPLE. 😆😮‍💨

I continued to do the things which added value to my biz; the things they actually brought income to this work. 

And now, I wanna share the story of how with you too…

That’s why I’ve created “The Foundation Story” a FREE Masterclass where I breakdown the strategy for how I generate income whilst focusing on the impact my work has, whilst having the time of my life in my biz. I’m going to show you:

  • What products I started with
  • How I got the idea for what to create and  why – knowing this is HUGE!!
  • How I built a foundation first – so that everything else could stack on top (no manic hamster wheel, THANK YOU – I did that for 30+ years BEFORE I started this biz)
  • A breakdown of the different income streams within my business
  • Questions to ask yourself to see your next level, and how to quantum leap to it

Imagine KNOWING the strategy your biz is built upon is ROCK STEADY; meaning you get to spend ALL of your time developing and growing your brand so that it grows to have the impact/=income it’s *made* to!!

Imagine knowing how all of the pieces of your biz build on top of one another. 

Imagine Feeling so confident with your strategy that you KNOW that all of your energy gets to be poured into the creative process – as THIS is what *will* grow your business to the heights it’s made to reach. 

Imagine a business strategy that just “makes sense” and grows and builds your new clients, client retention and expansion THROUGH your creative genius.

Imagine being able to focus on creating, falling more in love with your work and the people you serve whist watching your income increase in Real Life Magical ways 🤯😆. 


This is how I have grown my business to multi 6 figures in the first two years. 

And I continue to use this strategy as it grows beyond multi 6 figures into the near future. 

Knowing that your strategy is solid is the most comforting foundation to give you the security as space that all humans crave to grow, create and EXPAND life and business. 

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