The Foundation

YOU are THE genius.

You are the flow, the creation, the uniqueness, the reason your work will travel as far and wide as it will. YOU!

But… when we’re building a business, yet we only focus on knowing who we are (without having a solid business strategy), it’s easy to get lost in the magic of all things You. 


When we do this, your work won’t ever reach the heights it’s designed to.


We can also go too extreme, and making it ALL about the, “what do I do and how do I do it so people can taste the magic of my work?!” Lost in the strategy, the how to, and the what next leaves you spinning on a hamster wheel with a Luke-warm business which no one really wants to be part of. 😮‍💨

And so, like EVERYTHING in this Universe, the magic happens in The Middle:

A beautiful balance of dissolving that “Ideal Self” we’ve painted on for the world,

Learning who we truly are here to be

So that what we’re here to do gets to EASILY flow through…

WHILST being held in the structure of a POWERFULLY simple strategy which takes us from the £20-an-hour foundation from Day 1 to multi 6 figures.


When we have a Foundation, that’s rock solid, underneath us, it allows us to expand and grow into everything we’re made to.

This freedom, from this foundation, IS what builds Real Life Magic in our lives and business.

⚡️🧬 + 🧮📈 = 🤯😆💸🧲

People who knew what was happening inside my business kept asking, “when the heck are you doing, Emma!? The results are immense!!” And quite honestly, back then I didn’t know. I didn’t know I was using a strategy. 

So I looked-back and mapped it out.

And it BLEW MY MIND. 😆🤯🙏💖

And from this mapping-out process, I have created The Foundation.

A four day experience where I take you through the step by step strategy that I have used in my business from making £20 an hour to making multi 6 figures in 2 years.


Imagine having a strategy which allows you to go be your wildest, creative self and you STILL feel like your business is ROCK SOLID and growing so you; you KNOW it’s all building.

Imagine knowing that EVERY piece of work you put into the world is stacking on top of this foundation making your NEXT LEVEL of impact/=income.

Imagine  using a strategy that feels light, easy and a fun extension of your creative genius.

Imagine not wavering in your work EVER AGAIN because this Foundation allows you to SEE the bigger picture of everything that you’re building – you could CRY with joy when you think about it all coming together. 

Imagine feeling like you NEVER have to throw another piece of spaghetti at the wall, EVER AGAIN!!

We will be covering:

  • How to understand the uniqueness of You and YOUR work – and how to translate this to your teachings, your products, your offers, your social media, marketing and overall brand. This means that people feel you, your work and want to buy from you without you needing to “sell”
  • How to build trust with your people on social media, through your brand and product suite so they WANT to be part of your work (and they reach-out to you)
  • How to build-out your packages and programs so that they “make sense” for people coming into your world – meaning that clients come into your world, get results and want to stay to Co-create alongside you
  • What to charge at different stages and phases of your business – and the evolution of what this looks like as your business grows – meaning that your business is generating more income and scaling (NO franticness!! )
  • How to REALLY understand how to find your niche → this is HUGE and something that so many of us get stuck on – this one piece here is worth the ENTIRE investment (then some!)
  • A step by step launch plan for ANY stage of business that you’re in – knowing where you’re at in your launch, allows you to see your strengths and areas that we get to make stronger
  • How to add cash injections into your business – in a fun, light, easy way with an energy of, “this feels too fun not to!!” to create additional income on top of recurring income

How to build a solid product suite – which means you have people in your work at different proximity levels, getting immense results, which continually creates recurring income

What’s included:

  • 4 day LIVE experience
  • 3 days detailed exploration of The Foundation Blueprint
  • Lifetime access
  • 1 LIVE Q&A – hotseat Co-creation opportunity with me
  • Free Facebook Group Community


  • Join in the next 48 hours and get the layout for my “Selling” in Stories Theory for FREE


Full Program

+ 30 min 1:1 with me

+ 1 full week of Voxer