The Find You Formula 7 Week Masterclass

There is *nothing* better than living an aligned joy-filled life where you’re bursting to the brim with energy each and every morning.

Life with anxiety will tell you that what I’m talking about is fairytale stuff and nonsense; to buckle down, stop being so silly and keep on truckingyou’ve got a life to get-through!

Only, there is a *different* way to live life.

A way that feels aligned AF!

Connecting to the You that’s meant to be the leading lady or lad or your blinking life!

And it’s available to you through learning the 7 Steps of The Find Formula in this 7 week intensive Masterclass.

You will *never* have experienced ANYTHING like this –  it’s a sensory experience like nothing else; a piggy-back-hack method to get feeling bloody BRILLIANT to become your automatic thinking process.


  • Love

  • Joy

  • Peace

  • Alignment

  • Abundance 

  • High energy and freaking FUN into your life has never felt like so much fun. 

What you get…

  • 7 Steps

  • 7 weeks

  • Easy to use daily flashcards

  • Sensory Checklist with the colours, scents and tastes to piggy-back-hack your mindset with ease

  • 7 LIVE Zoom calls with Emma Upton

  • Private Facebook page for Sensory Hack Chats – sharing and learning together

  • Lifetime access to the hours of online videos and workbooks

Pay today and get the pre-work emailed over to you so we can start working together immediately - eeekkkk!!!!