The Find You Formula 7 Week Masterclass 1111

There is *nothing* better than living an aligned joy-filled life where you’re bursting to the brim with energy each and every morning.

A life filled with over-thinking and anxiety will tell you that what I’m talking about is fairytale stuff and nonsense; to buckle down, stop being so silly and keep on truckingyou’ve got a life to get-through!

Only, there is a *different* way to live life.

A way that feels aligned AF!

You actualise this by connecting to the You that’s meant to be the leading lady of your life!

And it’s available to you through learning the 7 Steps of The Find Formula in this 7 week intensive Masterclass.

I will teach you how to stop trying to change your thoughts with thoughts (your literally trying to plait fog doing this!) and manifest ACTUAL, REAL LIFE change from the inside-out.

You will *never* have experienced ANYTHING like this –  it’s a sensory experience like nothing else; a piggy-back-hack method to get feeling bloody BRILLIANT to become your automatic thinking process.



  • 7 Steps (Start your intro work today). HOURS of video support and workbooks

  • 7 weeks of glorious group support from like-minded sisters, on this journey together

  • Easy to use daily flashcards – we make this process EASY (overwhelmed and anxious makes it hard to apply yourself – I KNOW this – it’s *made* for you!)

  • Sensory Checklist with the colours, scents and tastes to piggy-back-hack your mindset with ease

  • *BRAND NEW* Sensory Piggy-Back Hack Pack delivered to your door with the 7 Sensory Elements included

  • 7 LIVE Zoom calls with Emma Upton – opportunity for your Q&A’s to be answered in LIVE time

  • Lifetime access to the hours of online videos and workbooks

  • Access to ‘The Secret’ Group call for FREE

Pay today and get a FREE 1:1 call with Emma to strategize where to focus in the work and how to create THE BEST results. Get the pre-work emailed over to you so we can start working together immediately - eeekkkk!!!!

I am SO CERTAIN that this work will transform your whole world that if you aren't blown-away by your experience you can have your money back