Zanny is a Hypnobirthing and Mindset Coach who was looking to bring life into her business. She felt a heart-felt desire to serve the world but was seeking to find her feeling of worth to be able to speak for truth. We worked together in my Private Elite Access Client Retainer and the impact this work had on her and her business was indescribable. She found her niche and it become clear who she was born to serve. This made it easy to Find these women and connect to them with her message. As her confidence and worth has grown, so has her bank balance. She’s now signing clients and moving her business forward in ways she didn’t think were possible. So proud!

So much of Meg’s childhood means that she should have said an outright ‘NO!’ to me the second I told her the high ticket price of us working together. And yet, she didn’t. She knew that she was destined for more than the life that her parents had led. That she was born to break the mold and create something new and exciting. She knew that it began and ended with her. And she was taking responsibility. We started working together in a Group Intensive, she made paradigm leaps. And now she’s invested in The Private Elite Access Group where we work 1:1 together to continue to up-grade her life into something she had NO idea was possible. The world is her oyster. And she’s ready to devour it!

Claire found work overwhelming and her mindset patterns kept her on a loop of feeling unfulfilled. She was inspired by the mystical and magical world of Woo but felt the pressures and judgement of others weighing down on her. After working together in The Private Elite Access Container her mindset has taken on new measures. She’s truly becoming that independent woman she’s played the part of for too many years. Learning to truly love herself, she’s stepping into a space where she is ready to receive the perfect love from the person she KNOWS is out there for her. Her transformation has been inspirational!