Real Life Money Magic

Strategy, energetics and the HOW TO transform the way you have been looking at your business!

This Real Life 💸 Magic Program is where you will learn how to *WIN* with money NO MATTER WHAT & *understand* HOW to understand and *use* the Universal Law of Abundance ONCE and FOR ALL!

As in “get it”; REALLY get it in your whole heart and soul ETERNALLY! 🧬⚛️💸💖

This program is the reason that I was able to quit my job as a teacher and create a multi 6 figure overflow of Abundance in my business which seems illogical to the outside world 🤩🔮 and I am so excited to share it with you! Since 2020 I have built this business by relentlessly understanding where I’m at, using The Law to know where I wanna go and then using The Law of Abundance to embody the strategy I need to take me there….all in a few short years!! And it’s all because of what I am going to teach you in this program!

The concepts + strategies that I teach within Real Life Money Magic have allowed me to NEVER have to:

  • Sit and hope

  • Question whether I’m doing something “wrong”

  • Wonder if it’s “ever gonna work?!”

  • Want to throw the towel in, NEED breaks or holidays away from my business

  • Have confusing backend things to take care of

  • Think the answers lie outside of me

  • Feel like I’m chasing sales and numbers

  • Think that abundance is a thing to “get”

  • Not know what to do next to bring in money

…among MANY other things I am so happy I don’t “have” to do.

I am NOT saying that those things above are wrong or bad! I am just saying that the power of working with The Laws of The Universe and understanding how to make REAL LIFE MAGIC (what I teach in this program) can override those tactics!

The concepts & strategies that I teach in Real Life Money Magic have ALLOWED me to:

  • Feel STRONG around the subject of money – I chased scarcity outta the DOOR 👋

  • Have clarity on how to bring money into my business through multiple containers

  • Understand how to communicate this to soul-aligned clients so they are EXCITED to be in this work

  • Realise that I was playing small and how to step into POWER around money – to call it into my world

  • Understand money is an energy ⚛️ a frequency 🌀 and truly aligning to this guarantees calling in abundance

  • KNOW that abundance is my birth right – and anything contrary to this is an outright lie (and know HOW to call-out this lie in a heartbeat)!!

  • Understand how my evolution through the different levels of abundance are supporting me and my bigger goals and dreams

  • Get EXCITED about how money will support me in my mission to make WAVES in an unfair system

  • Look as abundance as an art-form – a joyous activity that BREEDS creative flow – creating the most glorious cycle

  • Work smart and NOT hard – abundance doesn’t like force or restriction

  • See sales, marketing, service and abundance as all one of the same glorious thing

  • Attract the most incredible soul-mate clients that I have the most beautiful relationship with!

  • Have a business model that allows me space & freedom

⚡️Imagine diving into your business each morning with excitement and ease – KNOWING abundance is *inevitable* because you’re working WITH The Laws of The Universe.

⚡️Imagine KNOWING that everything you’re doing is building – and getting real-life evidence and feedback that this is the case (NO hoping and waiting!!!)

⚡️Imagine having access to the EXACT strategy I use to turn my experiences into real-life magic so you can too

⚡️Imagine KNOWING what you’re here to build is taking shape – and it feels EASY!

⚡️Imagine feeling sooo connected to your company that it doesn’t even FEEL like WORK yet it’s helping you generate so much abundance.

⚡️Imagine being so in love with your life that you KNOW abundance is in alignment with this overflow

The Real Life Money Magic Program is going to teach you how to build a Coaching Company that attracts clients who are THE PERFECT MATCH for you and your world.

The Real Life Money Magic Program will literally be a “game-changer” for your business – fun filled abundance!! 

Building a business based on a foundation of abundance is the best thing you can do for your work in this world. It’s possible you know what The Law of Abundance IS in other areas of your world but you don’t know how to translate it to other areas of your life clearly & effectively. 

I am going to teach you how to translate The Law of Abundance for your business so that the energy of abundance is in OVERFLOW – because THIS energy is EVERYTHING in business.

The Real Life Money Magic Program begins on Monday 21st August. All live and self -led trainings will take place over a 4-week period. The program is lifetime access.


You will get:

  • 10 Live trainings

  • Q&A opportunites using Voxer Broadcast

  • Live Q&A opportunity with 1:1 Hot Seating

  • Self-led implementation week where you get to use the strategy I share to experience The Real Life Magic in your business in LIVE TIME!

  • Private FB Community Group where all training will be Live Streamed and saved

  • Lifetime access to the playlist to take out and about with you

PLUS immediate bonus access to “Crazy in Love with Business” the moment you say “yes!!” to Real Life Magic!

My life and business changed eternally because of what I teach in this program – I cannot WAIT to show you the HOW so you get to do it too… eeeekkkkkkkk!!!!

It’s for you if:

⚡️ you’re a coach, creative or therapist who wants their work to reach the world more deeply

⚡️you want to be excited and READY to create your next levels of 💸 in your business 😆

⚡️ you want to FEEL the energies of abundance, understand The Universal Law and how you can MAXIMISE your efforts to its alignment WITHOUT “hard work” and “burnout”

⚡️you want to know how to share this in direct correlation to strategy behind sales, social marketing and sharing your work through YOUR sorry on social media