You know we are born with an absolute purpose.

The odds of each one of us being here is 400 trillion to 1. That ain’t an accident!!

When we get serious about seeking-out what this means for us, life opens up 🤩😆

BUT, like everything, it’s a balance – if we get too serious, and go in too hard, we burn-out and get lost within it all 🤪😮‍💨 And we can find ourselves on a pathway to questioning it ALL!

Getting serious about figuring-out Who I Am 🦄

And what I’m here to do ⚡️🤸‍♀️

IS *the* reason I am creating the life changing results inside and outside of my business🔮🤩

Purpose is a Two Day Masterclass to help us to get ever closer to learning who we are 🦄and what we’re here to do. ⚡️🤸‍♀️

What I’m teaching is the exact process that I used to move from, “I kinda feel like this is what I’m being called to” to, “HOLY SHITBALLS – THIS IS IT!!!!”

A medley of strategy and Mindset


  • The step by step journey of how I moved from “kinda know” to “THIS and NOTHING ELSE!!”
  • What I did and what I asked myself to move deeper in each phase of my Purpose’s evolution
  • How I gain clarity and figure out my next move – so you can see how this applies to your world too
  • How I become concrete in understanding where I’m at right now, showing me the gaps which must be filled,  to mean I move with fearless clarity


  • Knowing WHERE I’m stuck means I get to unstick myself
  • Knowing WHY it’s keeping me stuck means I can address it and quantum leap paradigms
  • Knowing the energetic shifts and WHERE to put my Conscious Brain thoughts so that The Subconscious is called into it’s leadership role – where ALL divine Purpose is channelled from with EASE!

If life/business feels hard;  you feel yourself “hustling” (and it’s completely out of alignment and DRAINING AF!!) it’s time to re-focus on Finding Your Purpose and letting it land in our hearts and souls totally and utterly. 🧩 

I KNOW you know Your Purpose. And we both know you’re ready for this exciting next step. Learning this means it ALL expands in the most inviting ways. How freaking EXCITING is that!! 😆😆

What you get:

  • LIVE access to 2 Day Masterclass: Purpose
  • 2 week access to the recording
  • Q&A Live Zoom – an opportunity to have your burning questions answered

Or come make it a 3 day experience with this insane value bundle