Find YOU Formula: Find Who You’re here to be & what You’re here to do



This Formula is THE reason that I’m creating the freedom, love, joy, excitement and abundance in my world. I’ve taken information from EVERY class I’ve ever taken, every book I’ve read, every mentor I’ve learned from and been able to actually APPLY it/live it/breathe it/embody it because of this Formula. 

No strategy I ever learned could work without this foundational formula.

With it, EVERYTHING stacks and grows.


I created “7 Steps to Freedom: The Find Formula” to help me Find who I Actually Am 🦄and what I’m here to do ⚡️🤸‍♀️ because I had no bloody clue! And it was NOT fun!! 😮‍💨

A time when

  • I believed what everyone else told me I was
  • When I couldn’t make decision without asking my husband for permission first
  • I lived in fear
  • I overthought everything
  • I felt like a hamster on a spinning wheel with no way of getting off
  • I tried to hide from the things that hurt which made them hurt even more
  • I was numb to emotions yet cried at the drop of a hat
  • I felt guilt for not feeling grateful for the lovely things in my life
  • I was mad with myself – I felt pathetic!
  • I wanted to feel in control but I was spiralling
  • I was spinning a gazillion different plates endlessly – most of which were actually mine!!

What started out as a survival guide turned into something SO MUCH MORE.

It gave me the tools I needed to embody who I was born to be

  • A strong independent woman
  • Who knows how to dream BIG instead of survive the daily
  • Who’s EXCITED and lit-up by life
  • Who knows who they are, what they’re here to do, and how to do it
  • Free to the core of her being so she can create EVERYTHING she was placed here to
  • Someone who thinks and does life differently without giving a hoot who’s got what to say about it 😚✌️👋
  • An abundant Goddess who’s here to live her life to the absolute MAX! 😆🤸‍♀️⚡️


What you’ve been through up until this point is smoke to stoke the flames of the FIRE that burn inside you. You feel this. I KNOW you do. 🔥⚡️🤩

Traditional Western Therapy failed me MISERABLY!

Eastern Philosophies took too much time in my crazy-busy world.

So I created myself a Piggyback Sensory Hack™️ subersion where “The Work” became a sensory immersion.

The brain is a computer system which makes sense of what the senses perceive

👀👃👄👂🙌 ➡️ 🧠 = 🖼️

I decided it was time to paint a new picture! 🎨 😆⚡️🤸‍♀️🌈🤩🔮

And my senses


were the access point to doing this with EASE

(my life… easy!?!? WT actual F!!?!)

What you’ll receive:

⚡️We will be experiencing each of the 7 Steps though Live teachings – side by side with Sisters doing the same work 💖

⚡️You’ll get to be part of our Home Hub on Facebook where we share and support each other on our journey – with opportunities for Live feedback to any questions you might have

⚡️You get immediate access to 2 foundational videos which’ll blow your socks off 🤯😆🤸‍♀️

⚡️ You’ll learn The Clean and Find Formula (a cleaning hack methodology I use every day to keep my senses and mindset work in the easiest habits.

JOIN THE FIND FORMULA & leave knowing your next step feeling brave enough to take it in two parts:


  1. Know who you Actually Are by learning how to:
  • Stop overthinking resulting in paralysis
  • Turn Triggers from being terrifying into feeling life activating and exciting
  • Stop being such a b!tch to yourself
  • Get grateful in order to create abundance
  • Feel freedom from suffocating feelings
  • Breath new life into yours
  • Learn Your Secret #1 Superpower                                                                            2. When you learn these 7 Steps – THEN the “what” becomes EASY


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