Awaken the Inner Power



You will receive a three week EXPERIENCE:

  • 8 LIVE Trainings – be together Live through the teaching experiences and have lifetime access to the recordings £1,111
  • LIVE Q&A opportunity – have your specific questions answered in a hot seating LIVE Zoom with Emma £555
  • Guided Real Time Integrations – drops of recordings that you can listen to in real-time –  you get to watch the things that’ve been standing in your way, up until now, literally disintegrate in front of your eyes – watch the Awakeing of that Inner Power take place in REAL TIME £333
  • Access to 15 Live recordings of the most up-to-date, recent Piggyback Sensory Hack experience of The Find Formula – the teachings where Awakening easily happens because it becomes a sensory experience (reference to The Find Formula will happen throughout the Awaken teachings and relevant videos will be “dropped” at the perfect time in line with our work) £1,777
  • A personalised message for you in a signed copy of my book “Be Anxiety Free Forever” £27.77
  • A Piggyback Sensory Hack box, with gifts for you to use, to make the Sensory Experience even easier and universal. Each item that goes into the pack is chosen by me, added with my hand and holds a code of FIRM intension for what will be created together in this work. £44.44

As this is the first time this work has been put together in this way, the investment of this embodying Awakening experience is a reflection of this. This WILL be a signature part of my body of work, and the price will come to reflect this, but right now we get to experience all of this together for £1,111

If you have learned The Find Formula before and would like to be part of this, there is a bespoke alumni price for you, based on which Formula we have done together. DM me on Insta for your personalised link


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