Learning to process allows you to alchemise the panic and use it for POWER

I can almost hear your frustration from here

“I couldn’t feel LESS powerful when I’m panicking – you’re making NO sense, Emma!”

The feeling of panic in your body is your body’s way of communicating with you. It’s a MASSIVE sign that you’ve stopped listening to your body; too busy listening to your head, mind and your thoughts.

‘Process’ physically and practically directs you *how* to take your focus off your mind and into your being.

It is in the depth of Your being that ALL of your answers lie

Taking your focus within means that you align with the divine power inside You – in this space it is IMPOSSIBLE to panic! You literally change your brain’s frequency which means it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to panic in this space.

Learning the practicalities of HOW to do this will make you feel a different kind of powerful – one you’ve NEVER experienced before. You’ll be amazed (and not scared, I PROMISE!!) Without panic, your heart, soul and body will lead – and they know the freaking WAY!!!

My teachings are for logical, literal, busy brains that feel like they must ‘understand’ and ‘know’ before they’re willing to move forwards. My skills will introduce you to a new kind of self trust where you get to know and understand yourself, alongside every element of a process. 

You will NEVER feel so filled with love and self trust as you will when you’ve learned these skills.

Panic won’t happen once you embody what I’m going to teach you.


  • You are DONE with panic

  • You are DONE feeling afraid of moving forward in your own life

  • You want to learn how to stop paying so much attention to your mind and thoughts

  • You want to learn how to trust your body, heart and soul again

  • You want to know what your panic means

  • You want to literally and physically know how to move through the fear

  • You want to STOP panic. ETERNALLY!!


  • LIVE teachings and lifetime access to the recording
  • Downloaded copy of the materials for visual support
  • THE process to move through and out of panic attacks and fear

  • Q&A opportunity with Emma

  • Access to ‘The Secret’ Group call for FREE

I am SO CERTAIN that this work will transform your whole world that if you aren't blown-away by your experience you can have your money back