Fearless to be Me

We're programmed to want More. 🤩 Plain and simple. 😮‍💨

Only… the way to realising this wasn’t quite as simple as just knowing this because:

I didn’t truly know that there was anything “wrong”; trapped in an endless cycle of functioning to the next moment… then the next… then the next… 😮‍💨🫠

Surviving life!

I had NO idea why I was here 🥺and what I actually wanted.🤪🫠

So I tried to figure it out for myself 🧠 🤔 …

On paper, my life was SWEET!!

🏡 Big ass house ✔️

👰‍♀️ Hot husband ✔️

💼 Fancy Handbags ✔️

👶 Two CUTE kids ✔️

🚘 SUV car ✔️

👩‍🏫 Reputable career ✔️

⬆️ I’d got ALL the things we’re told to get.

Yet I spent most of my life feeling sick to my stomach that something was horribly wrong 🤢

It ate me away from the inside out.

Literally… finally my body stopped working and I was diagnosed with “Unexplained Lower Body Paralysis”.

I was missing something.😫

⚡️What I found is what changed the trajectory of my whole world. 🤸‍♀️

And it’s what I’m teaching in this 2 day Fearless to be Me Free Masterclass.

I’m gonna show you:

  • how the brain functions and keeps Our answers🦄 and reasons for being 🤩locked-up and hidden from us 🙈

  • How we get to see this for ourselves 🤩🙊😆

  • How this paradigm is created ✨

  • And the actionable and tangible steps for how we can create a new 🤩

  • ⬆️ To allow space for the answers which are seeking us to land 😮‍💨🤩🦄💖

  • So we can create the life we’re here to make ⚡️🤸‍♀️🤩🦄💖

Doing this ⬆️ means we get to experience life as a fun adventure 🤸‍♀️🪩

In this space, ⬆️ MAGIC made *only* for Actual You 🦄 gets to unfold 🤩😆

This allows us to move and rise Fearlessly in our world.

We’re gonna learn:

  • How the brain’s been tricking us into believing we are someone we aren’t🤪 (It’s a version of us that we aren’t actually all that keen on, if we’re being totally honest 😮‍💨)🙃🫠

  • How effortless, easy and enlightening it is to see who we ACTUALLY are 🦄🤩 (a Goodness of GLORY 🦄 who’s on this planet to rock her own rocks off ⚡️🤸‍♀️😆!!)

  • How to notice the everyday hints and tips that we’re being gifted by The Universe to make sense of it all 🗺️ 🧭 🤩

  • And how to use them to root ourselves deeper in who we are 🤩🦄

⬆️ Doing this means our “next steps” become clearer - we come to know why we’re here and what we’re here to do ⚡️🤸‍♀️🦄

And ALL this effortless ease navigating life starts in learning who YOU are 🦄🤩

These two days will show you the foundations of how to create this clarity 🤩

It includes:

  • x2 Live Zoom Teachings with Emma

  • 2 week’s access to the teaching material

  • Pre work emailed out

  • Instant access to the slides

  • 7 day challenge