Fearless Finances Masterclass

You can’t control what’s happening on the outside; it’s crazy out there!

There's ONE thing you can control - and that's YOU!

And learning how to do this is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Finances is a HUGE place to begin!

This is for you if:

  • Talking about money makes you want to puke!
  • If you know that money is the thing stopping you from making moves in your life
  • If you want More money
  • If you have an amazing business idea but making money is holding you back
  • If it feels like there’s never enough money
  • If you hold onto money, the second you get it
  • If you can make money but it comes in one hand and goes straight out of the other
  • You waste money on stuff you just don’t ‘need’

This is for you if:

  • You want to think about money and get excited
  • You want your energy around money to be, “money comes into my world with ease and alignment”
  • You want to make money your friend (and not an evil Foe)
  • You look at making money, like you look at breathing – absolutely essential for living, without opinion
  • You want to know when a move is a good idea and when it’s not
  • You want to stop wasting money

You will learn:

  1. Their Code → Unpick The Code that you have inherited
  2. The Goal → How do you want money to work in your world?
  3. The Patterns at Play → How does money move in your world right now?
  4. The Alignment → How does all of this align to what you want?
  5. Your Code → You’ll leave this Masterclass with your completely personalised 5 Step Code to Get Certain in Uncertain Times

You will get:

  • LIVE Masterclass with Emma Upton – with Hot Seating Q&A opportunity
  • Lifetime access to the recording of The Masterclass (which will be bundled-up and used as teaching material for a higher price after it’s release)
  • Mind-blowing, supporting Workbooks
  • You will walk away with your own, personalised 5 Step Code to get Certain on your finances

This investment price is *insane* - I want ALL of the people who need this in their world, to start stepping on their path to More, to have access to this magic