Day 6: Email #3 – Ground Yourself

Here's a link to my most recent video guiding you to align with Astronomical Abundance...

I’ve been busy working on this project and this just came up. It’s huge and it HAS to be shared with you, right now.

For so long I thought that the neutral feeling of fear, dread and anxiety would be my life. It bled into everything I did. And a HUGE area that it limited was my capacity and capability to live a life filled of abundance – in ANY area!. I was broke. Dead broke. ALL of the time (apart from Payday once a month – but that was short-lived).

I felt like this was my lot. That if I continued to work hard and work on myself then it would just ‘get better’. It didn’t!

So then, I chose to commit to something I’d NEVER done before. I chose to commit to a coach who actually cost money (something I had in VERY short supply). At this moment, I made a commitment to The Universe. And in this moment, my whole world changed forever. It exposed me to The Frequency of Astronomical Abundance for the very first time. It was the start of this alien concept of ‘Money Mindset’ and I’ve NEVER looked back…

And I’m going to teach you the exact steps I took to reach this realisation right here

INSERT VIDEO (We are energy. Abundance is a frequency. Peel back the layers of stories and you vibrate and resonate at a different frequency. When you’re in this space, what you want most can find it’s way to you – it is seeking you)

I’d love to know your biggest take-home on this. Please comment on the website or hit ‘reply’ and let me know your thoughts.