DB double A Heart and Soul Search

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Every month write what you feel your heart and soul desires. The New Moon (when she has seemingly disappeared from the sky) is a great, yet not necessary, time to do this. From this list, pick something to do daily, weekly and monthly.

To help you to get clear on the things that your heart and soul are speaking into, be open to explore.

What actions can you be taking more regularly which lead you closer towards your dreams?

Getting clear on those here will enable you to say YES to your heart and soul,  more regularly.

In doing this, you are telling your ego to go take a hike.

In saying YES to your heart and soul, you are telling the universe

‘I trust myself. You can trust be too’.

In saying YES to your heart and soul, you are moving ever closer to your truth.

Being at one with your truth is the route to living the life of your dreams; filled with whatever you perceive as your reason for being.

Learning how to timetable time into my life, where I know I am saying ‘yes’ to my heart and soul, has allowed me to create space for the transformations I’ve been dreaming about.


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