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We already know so much about the things which we should be doing, yet we aren’t.


Why the heck aren’t we taking care of ourselves in the way that we know we should?

Why aren’t we making ourselves a priority in our own lives?

Why are we more committed to excuses than taking action?

Some people are predisposed to taking risk, enjoying uncomfortable situations and relishing the unknown – psychology identifies this individuals are more content, happier and healthier.

The rest of us aren’t predisposed in the same way.

We are predisposed to fear and uncertainty. We are predisposed to ‘thinking’ before actings. And herein lies our problem. 

We think too much

We want it all to make sense before we are willing to move into anything new or unknown (we all know that this is the space where real change and beauty happens in life – anyone who’s in any area of self development is screaming this from the rooftops relentlessly). But how do we take action on our dreams and ambitions when it feels so overwhelming?

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