Day 4 – Email #2 – Stop Fearing Money so Fiercely

I asked what you wanted to learn about Astronomical Abundance Alignment/Money Mindset and you DELIVERED!!!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response. Some of the most recurring insights that you asked into were:

  • Practical ways to make more money when you have a set income
  • What do I do when I don’t know what my calling is?
  • How do I make money when my anxiety is so bad?
  • What if I’m overwhelmed by emotions and I don’t know how to move forwards?
  • What is THE thing I can do to immediately make more money right NOW!
  • Even talking about money makes my skin crawl, can it still work for me?
  • Anxiety means I can’t work right now, will it still work?
  • I feel greedy asking for more!
  • I want to be able to help myself and my family, so I can step into something new and more abundant, but I just can’t see how. 

The FREE Guided Meditation to call-in ‘Astronomical Abundance’, AND my groundbreaking ‘Tap away Abundance Resistance’ video will go a long way in starting to secure these elements in your life (keep your eyes peeled for these making their way to your inbox real soon). And for those of you who want answers to ALL of the questions above and you (secretly or honestly) desire more money than you can dream of, ‘Astronomical Abundance’ will be addressing these elements in deep detail. 

Before that lands, I have created a little something which you can use to Attune Yourself to Astronomical Abundance TODAY. Let’s make a start on creating more abundance in your life right now with this super-quick video below.

I am SO excited to share it with you. EEeeeekkkkkk!


Thanks so much for your time in this, it’s going to be next level.

P.S If there’s anything you want to add to this, I’ve included the Jotform again HERE

There is still a limited amount of time before it’s finalised and published. I’d LOVE to know your thoughts.