Day 10: Email #4 – The Switch

I’ve gotta be really honest for a second here. I hope you love and trust me enough to know that this is ALL said with so much love

You pay attention to what you pay for. It’s that simple!

How long have you been on the fence about stepping into something brand new and exciting? This isn’t my first rodeo. And I’m guessing it’s not yours either, right?

Creating a life which feels fulfilled AF must be intentional! And half-in, half-out just won’t cut it.

Before this life (yes, I refer to my life in two parts now!) EVERYTHING I did in my life was led by trying to avoid fear and by what I could afford. My instinct was to check the price-tag before I fell in love (and I’m talking metaphorically here, not just the stuff on the rail in the shop. WTF?! Just read that back for a moment – sob!!). 

Every time I went to make a move in my life which cost, I’d subscribe to the ‘free’ trial (and then cancel – no matter how good it was!), the ‘beginners’ packages, the lowest monthly payments (IF I was feeling brave enough!). I was half in and half out. So guess what…that’s kinda how my life looked too.

I refused to commit. So The Universe refused to commit to me.

I can hear her now ‘I ain’t giving no Magical Wonder to someone who ain’t sure of what it is she should be doing. What ya gonna do if I give you all this power and you check out because things get a little uncomfortable?! I DON’T THINK SO!’ 

I was on the periphery of it all...

And so I remained on the periphery of it all. Half in. Half out.

Life swallowed me up. And The Universe stood by and let it. I see her now. Bowed head. Sorrowfully shaking it in despair 

‘I didn’t wanna do this to do. You’re magic! But you didn’t listen. And now I’ve gotta sit you down on your Candy Ass to MAKE you listen. You listening now?’

And I was. And it got different. I started to pay. I started to pay attention. And she started to pay me back.

No longer led by the price tag (despite having NO money – you gotta show-up first, before the money be showing up! Them be the rules – I didn’t make them but I sure as HELL follow them, now!!)

I paid. And I paid attention. And it ALL got real different.

And I wanna teach you how to do the same.

Take a look at this technique, which helped me to ‘Switch’ my alignment into one which attracted more money into my life instead of repelling it. I like to cal it ‘The Switch’. Check it out here:

If this work and these concepts are singing to you, then keep your eyes peeled for something really exciting that’s coming your way super soon… eeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!