Crazy in Love with My Business

You’ve kinda gotta be a little crazy to choose to be a coach in this online space.

It’s saturated and it can be simple to feel pretty lost within it all and wanna burn it all to the ground.

I’ve watched people moved through these spaces (mainly in the Masterminds that I have taken part in) and I’ve wondered why I’ve never felt this way about my business:

  • Why my business has never felt optional
  • Why it feels like failure just isn’t (and never has been ) in the equation
  • Why my frustrations never snowball beyond, “Well this is a lot and I need to have a big, fat cry here!”
  • Why I get up each morning genuinely excited and motivated to see what each day brings
  • Why I choose bravery over and over again (oftentimes when it doesn’t “make sense on paper”)
  • Why I trust myself and allow my business to unfold
  • Why the numbers in my bank and the amount of clients that I’m serving has never been the motivating factor for me

Even though we look out onto social media and see so many coaches – how often are you genuinely inspired? How many leave you feeling like you wanna take action and in a direction which they’re suggesting?

The impact that you’re here to make on the world is already inside you. The magic you’re here to share is going to blow EVERYONE’S socks off! Your business gets to be a reflection of your magic. But in order to allow it to flow through, we must learn to fall head over heals in love with our business.

In Crazy in Love with My Business I will be teaching:

  • How to fall crazy in love with your business and see it like it’s the love of your life from this moment on → these questions will shift you to the core
  • How to create simple systems and processes which makes taking care of your business easy and FUN – which calls in a different kind of abundance
  • Your business will feel like a calling – something which you don’t want to “pick up” and “put down” as you fancy it… it’s inspired and you WANT to work on it
  • Falling in love is fun and EASY – just like running a business gets to be

You will learn to get clear on:

  • Our current energies and approaches to business and if this is blocking us reaching soul mate clients = making money
  • How to see the leaky shit which is getting in the way of being totally and utterly in love with life and business – which is what shines out and magnatises people into our world
  • Where we’re making business feel complicated – I am going to show how to bring ease into it so you can feel clear on what to do next – sharing the 4 things I do every day: these are implementable steps that can be injected into your business the moment we finish our class together
  • How to simplify business so you fall in love with it’s core message and this can be felt by ANYONE new coming into your world without ever needing to have a conversation

You will receive: 

  • Live class with Emma
  • Lifetime access to the recording
  • Opportunity to submit your biggest, burning question and get it answered through a personalised voice message just for you using Voxer Broadcast  
  • 4 Business Things I Do Daily to fall in love with the process of building my business which subsequently builds revenue

OR make it a 3 day experience with LIVE Q&A opportunities and a Voxer Broadcast for intimate and personalised feedback