Awaken the Inner Power

The Coach who creates an EXTRAORDINARY business is the coach who is able to extract the lesson, the wisdom and power from life’s multitudes of experiences (some which are incredibly painful!!) and easily transpose them into their biz through their own embodied unique teachings and lessons in a potent way which ONLY they can.

THIS is what people want to pay magical amounts of money for – they don’t want “5 tricks and tips to…” they want the lessons of The Universe that have been downloaded THROUGH you and delivered in a way which NO other can, because they are not you!

Growing your business through your life experience, in this way, allows you to create a body of work totally and utterly UNIQUE to you; you BECOME Your Brand; and it’s like nothing else that’s ever been seen! Creating this way allows you to create a body of work you’re so in love with that you can’t help but sing it from the rooftops for EVERYONE to hear; which is clear and magnetic; which is what creates a 6+ fig biz

 Awakening teaches us how to do this…

In “Awaken” we IGNITE that inner power around whatever is holding you back so that you can get to the next paradigm in your business; get real life results; to lead the extraordinary life you deserve. Awakening the inner power is a moment where you DIRECTLY EXPERIENCE the seemingly impossible becoming possible; something happens which shapes and moves you in indescribable ways. This awakening creates an Inner Power like nothing we’ve experienced before (it gets me EVERY time!!!)

This work is for you if you want to KNOW, and experience, who You are and what you’re here to do at a deeper level (whilst having the time of your LIFE!!!!) so that your uniqueness SHINES out of you and the whole of Instagram can’t help but take note!

You awakening your inner power is You having the biggest “ah haaaaaa” moment of your life.

Imagine creating your business where you divinely KNOW what is next for you and what it’s building to…

Imagine, all at once, awakening and knowing ACTUAL You and how knowing this IS:

– What drives people towards your work

– What makes you magnetic

– What inspires you to create unique content and bodies of work

– What makes people actively go out and search for your Stories bubble to binge you

– What leaves you open to the downloads made exclusively for You

– What creates clients who message you saying, “it’s like you’re speaking to my soul”, 

– What inspires you to create content which takes minutes and feels like the easiest thing in the world

– What drives you on with excitement and ease no matter what is happening in your world

– What sets you and your work apart from EVERYONE else

– What sparks a fire in your belly that just CAN’T go out!

– What allows you to make fearless moves and go ALL IN

– What gives you the clarity for what’s next

You knowing Actual You is how your business will generate levels of impact/=income that you're dreaming of.

You KNOW, Actual You creates ALL of this!

People effortlessly buy from Coaches who are a living, breathing embodiment of their work; who have internalised it beyond memory, thought and persuasion. 

People effortlessly buy from Coaches who have built a brand which is an EMBODIMENT of the work that they’re here to teach.

People FEEL YOU; and that’s why they want to be part of your world.

This CANNOT be learned,it must be experienced to be embodied.

 KNOWING WHO YOU ARE MEANS, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE HERE TO DO (NO confusion!!!), AND THIS MEANS YOUR BUSINESS *WILL* FLOW THROUGH YOU – this flow is Universal Co Creation – and those REAL LIFE Magic results of impact/=income you’re dreaming of can only (one gajillion percent!lol!!) come from this space.

This is for you if you want to understand the importance of TRULY knowing who You are so that you can lead your life/business (#oneofthesame) with EASE, excitement and flow.

This is for you if:

  • You want CLARITY on your business which comes directly from the bones of your existence

  • You no longer want to be getting wrapped-up in The Conscious Brain – overthinking your offers, overthinking your content, overthinking your pricing

  • You can feel yourself getting distracted; being pulled in different directions based off of, “it looks like they’ve got it figured-out so maybe I’m meant to do it that way?!” and you’re DONE!

  • You understand that knowing Actual You will give you more clarity to identify your niche and who you’re here to Co create with, and this idea feels IMMENSE!

  • You want to feel energised, invigorated and excited when you think about your business – like ideas are literally falling from the sky and into your brain!

  • You want clarity on how all of this builds into being something truly magical, beyond conscious comprehension – and THE STEPS TO TAKE to create this

  • You want to show up authentically – shelving fears and worries of “what will others think”

  • You want to ditch the idea of  “what am I *meant* to be doing?!” and lead with certainty

  • You want growing followers to be an organic process without needing to cold DM people or “sell” (yuck!!!)

To BE a creator who shares her work with the world so genuinely that people pay to be around the embodiment of what you are WITHOUT logic =
Real Life Magic!

To grow the profound Coaching Co that you’re here to create requires you knowing who You are on a deeper level, so that you can get a download of WHAT you’re here to do.

When we open ourselves up to Awaken, it creates space for The Universe to Co-create with us and deliver the Secrets meant for YOU.

Once on the path to creating this, The Universe clears a path so that nothing or NO ONE gets in the way!!!

Knowing who we are, and being open to the secrets of The Universe for downloads of WHAT to do, IS when our business and ideas flow through us… THIS is when we create actual magic in “Real Life”

Imagine knowing The Universe is on your side, delivering secret codes to you, and that everything is happening FOR you to expand into an ever-greater version of you - eeekkkk!!!!!

In Awakening, we get to learn:

  • WHO YOU are
  • what makes you special/your unique gifts/your unique stance/your unique delivery
  • What’s in your way – so we can ERADICATE it!!!
  • what makes you/your work unique
  • What’s special about you to mean people want to choose you over EVERYONE else, every time
  • How to Awaken and tap into your inner power so you choose to be brave enough, consistent enough, determined enough, resilient enough TO KEEP GOING (and course correct) – no matter what!

Awakening is the EASIEST access point to be able to access this; and THE BEST NEWS IS... we are here, in this 3D paradigm TO awaken - that's our purpose - THE point to life - that's why we're here!

I will give you a repeatable Formula that you can use to rinse, repeat and Awaken whenever you feel ANYTHING sucking your energy, grounding you in the 3D and killing your vibes of connecting to The Universe and Co creating the unstoppable GOLD that you’re here to deliver to the world!

You will receive a three week EXPERIENCE:

  • 9 LIVE Trainings – be together Live through the teaching experiences and have lifetime access to the recordings £1,111
  • Q&A opportunity – have your specific questions answered in a Voxer Broadcast experience £555
  • Guided Real Time Integrations – real-time recordings where you get to watch the things that’ve been standing in your way, up until now, literally disintegrate in front of your eyes £333
  • Access to 15 Live recordings of the most up-to-date, recent Piggyback Sensory Hack experience of The Find Formula – the teachings where Awakening easily happens because it becomes a sensory experience (reference to The Find Formula will happen throughout the Awaken teachings and relevant videos will be “dropped” at the perfect time in line with our work) £1,777
  • A personalised message for you in a signed copy of my book “Be Anxiety Free Forever” £27.77
  • A Piggyback Sensory Hack box, with 7 gifts for you to use, to make the Sensory Experience even easier and universal. Each item that goes into the pack is chosen by me, added with my hand and holds a code of FIRM intension for what will be created together in this work. £44.44

As this is the first time this work has been put together in this way, the investment of this embodying Awakening experience is a reflection of this. This WILL be a signature part of my body of work, and the price will come to reflect this, but right now we get to experience all of this together for £1,111

If you have learned The Find Formula before and would like to be part of this, there is a bespoke alumni price for you, based on which Formula we have done together. DM me on Insta for your personalised link