Awaken the Inner Power: The Foundation

Wanna learn The Foundation for how I Awaken and create a 6 fig biz that is a GLORIOUS by-product of this Awakening journey?

What if there’s a TOTALLY different way to approach life and biz? What if it isn’t “broken”? Nothing needs “fixing”. And “healing” can go to hell!?!?

What if instead of trying to “figure out” what’s going so horribly wrong in your life/biz; you just choose to make it “right”; you choose to Awaken Your Inner Power?!


My life before awakening was spent running from the shitty things that had happened to me:

“Don’t look at it; pretend it’s not there; force it down deeper (with a good dash of shame, guilt and embarrassment) and keep being the “perfect superstar” (literally lolling as I write that) that you are!”

When life hit hard, I slapped on my “happy girl, smiley, gameface”; and directly ran away from My Inner Power;  towards the external measures which I hoped would give me a feeling of “good enoughness”

  • The big house
  • The hot husband
  • The fancy handbags
  • The kids
  • The car
  • The gazillion pound career

But no matter what I achieved and how many accolades I got, I was always left feeling hollow and empty; no matter how good it got, I never felt good enough - I knew I was missing something profound; BUT WHAT!?!?

  • If there came any rumblings of Awakening my Inner Power, I’d I rejected it; a combination of

1️⃣ “if I stop to figure out what’s happening inside my brain EVERYTHING will crash and burn – and

2️⃣ I have too much riding on me to allow THAT to happen!!”

Combined with,3️⃣ “it’s not THAT bad…”

Stressed, anxious and alone (no matter how many loving people surrounded me) and it just kept getting worse…

Until one day, Unexplained Lower Body Paralysis consumed me; it was the manifestation of me living at a gazillion miles an hour without addressing the hollowness happening inside myself.

Forced to take action I went to therapy; all of their trauma trawling fcuked me up even further (if that’s even possible!?!?):

  • What does it mean?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What was it for?
  • What am I meant to learn?
  • What should I do so it doesn’t happen again?
  • What am I missing?


BLINKING HECK!! All of this “healing” is bullshit!! I felt worse!!!

So I stopped healing and trying to figure it all out and instead Awakened My Inner Power.

You awakening your inner power is You having the biggest “ah haaaaaa” moment of your life.

Anxiety left. As in GONE!

A deep seated freedom filled me up from the inside-out.

Clarity took over and my life path became crystal clear.

EVERY area of my life elevated; my marriage, parenting, relationships, finances, health and weight – I found who I Actually Am; I Awakened to My Purpose here on this planet; it all became available to me.

I quit my 12 year teaching career, hired a Coach and created a Coaching Company that teaches others how to Awaken their Inner Power so that they can Create their own Destiny and life their life is complete alignment; my business made £10,00 in it’s first month and £87,000  in its first year.

Imagine creating your business where you divinely KNOW what is next for you and what it’s building to…

Life still happens; shitty things happen. They’re inevitable.

With an Awakened Inner Power you know what these things mean and how to move forward through them with POWER! And they often become the primary teachings/lessons/building blocks for what we are here to offer to the world. I never forget that impact/=income, but before we get to reach extraordinary life/biz goals, we must first learn…

how to use the gifts of our direct experience to then translate them into our biz – which ultimately BECOMES our Brand.

In this FREE Masterclass, I will show you:

  • How to see when the overthinking Conscious Brain and Your TRUE Inner Power are in conflict
  • How to gain clarity on which is what – answer the question, “How do I know what to do next; what do I listen to?”
  • PRACTICAL TOOLS for HOW to Awaken when you identify this inner conflict to bring PURE CLARITY!!!
  • Learn to have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE in the process by using colours, senses and a beautifully immersive experience like NOTHING YOU’VE EXPERIENCED BEFORE!
  • Understand how this Awakening process directly brings clarity to you biz
  • HOW TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE AWAKENING inside your life/biz!!!!
  • The Process for how to Awaken the Inner Power by learning the links between The Conscious, Unconscious and Subconscious Brains in ways NEVER seen before (this process is like nothing on earth – in THE BEST way!!)
  • I’m going to share exactly how I turned my high achieving, obsessive, over-thinking, trophy collecting skills inwards to access my Inner Power to alchemise results which look like real life magic, but feel effortless
  • Learn what’s in your way, and know HOW to Awaken so that you can release Your Inner Power so you get to CREATE your destiny!

You knowing Actual You is how your business will generate levels of impact/=income that you're dreaming of.

You KNOW, Actual You creates ALL of this!

Awakening is the EASIEST access point to be able to access this; and THE BEST NEWS IS... we are here, in this 3D paradigm TO awaken - that's our purpose - THE point to life - that's why we're here!

If you have learned The Find Formula before and would like to be part of this, there is a bespoke alumni price for you, based on which Formula we have done together. DM me on Insta for your personalised link