All of The Things

Being in the world of self development can feel overwhelming. Everyone has an answer and wants to tell you what you need to do – adding to the illusion that you don’t know!

*Spoiler alert: you freaking well DO know – it’s just got a little buried underneath some other stuff but it (100% GUARANTEED) hasn’t gone anywhere. Promise*

There is only one person who knows what you need – and that’s You (with a capital freaking Y!! 🦄

Life gets to feel fun, easy and safe WHILST doing powerfully transformative work which will create a foundation for WHATEVER you’re here to create – and trust me when I say ‘existing’ is NOT it!!!

Find a ‘home’ with the same mentor, for a big-ass chunk of time to bring peace and alignment to your journey to be FREE from Anxiety *Forever* – allowing you to step into the world as the person you’re destined to be.

Stop looking for the next ‘fix’ and you actually start opening up doorways actually meant for you


⚡️ You’re ready to stop overthinking everything – gone – totally and utterly!

⚡️ You’re sick of anxiety being THE thing that keeps stopping you from doing lovely things

⚡️ You know somewhere deep-down that life isn’t meant to feel like an endurance test

⚡️ You want more love, joy, energy, abundance, peace and happiness on the REGULAR! 

⚡️ You want to wake-up in the morning and genuinely believe that miracles are meant for you

⚡️ You want a life to feel proud of the life you’re creating – not guilty and shameful

⚡️ You want to pick you FIRST for ONCE and not everyone else (again)

⚡️ You KNOW that sensitivity is your Superpower but you’re sick of believing everyone else when they tell you it’s not!


⚡️ The Find Formula – Online Videos, workbooks and flashcards – my BRAND NEW BOOK – The Sensory Hack Pack posted out to you to support the sensory experience element of your journey to being Anxiety Free Forever. INVESTMENT: £1,111

⚡️ A MONTHLY LIVE CLASS where we come together to learn Emma’s latest teachings – THE things which she’s embodying to make her world MAGICAL! Learn profound, practical and repeatable skills in ways you’ve NEVER experienced before – breathwork, meditation, manifesting, mantras and MORE… INVESTMENT: £266

⚡️ Manifesting what is ALREADY YOURS in the easiest, most profound, digestible – what I use to generate multiple 6 figures. INVESTMENT: £444

⚡️Actionable and tangible steps to get clear on what’s overthinking and anxiety, and what is your heart and soul pulling you into the direction you NEED to move into. Practical and tangible, take-away activities to move you to what’s meant for you. INVESTMENT: £444

⚡️ Learn how to work WITH your energies and use them for creating the most powerfully PROFOUND results INVESTMENT: £444



⚡️ Because getting Fearless around your Finances is a fundamental part of overcoming overthinking and anxiety – it allows you to move into the spaces made for you without being held back by the dread of, “But what does it cost”. This is an incredible space to start…




⚡️ You’re curious about how a regular human being can tap into The Universal Energy Field for inner guidance with EASE and alignment

⚡️ You want to freaking THRIVE (not merely survive!)

⚡️ You want to see how the brain, science and spirituality combine to make real life MAGIC!

⚡️ You want to become a Meditation Master – and train your brain to ‘chill’ as your default setting

⚡️ You want life to feel fun, free and EASY!

⚡️ If you want to STOP being so fearful of money and align with abundance

⚡️ You want to go back to leaping like a kid in a candy store – no matter WHAT the day holds

⚡️ You want confidence

⚡️ You want be show up balanced with consistently – without burnout!

⚡️ You want to be able to see, then show, the authentic version of you who lives FEARLESSLY!

You choose to be in this container ‘All the Things’ for a commitment of between 6 and 12 months

Joining this container will give you access to ALL of the LIVE teachings, programs, Masterminds and Mini-Minds which run over the time period that you have access to

Group programs are sold individually and are priced between £111 – £2,222


⚡️ All upcoming LIVE programs for the time period of being in the group

⚡️Immediate Access to Fearless Finances

⚡️My 7 Week Signature Program – Anxiety *Free* FOREVER – 7 Steps to overcome Anxiety (Price: £1,111)

⚡️My upcoming book ‘Anxiety Free Forever’  in 7 Steps

⚡️A Sensory Hack Pack POSTED OUT TO YOU filled with the sensory stimulants to support you through The Steps in Anxiety Free Forever

⚡️ LIVE ACCESS to the monthly ‘Happy Space Place’ breathwork, meditations, mantras and much MORE

⚡️ Exclusive offers on 1:1 Private Elite Access Coaching

⚡️ Exclusive offers on Voxer/WhatsApp Coaching


6 months discounted total payment of:  £1,555

Or 6 monthly payments of £333

12 months discounted total payment of: £2,222

Or 12 monthly payments of £222

If you pay in full today, you get a FREE 1:1 call with Emma to strategize where to focus in the work and how to create THE BEST results. Get the 7 Easy Steps pre-work emailed over to you so we can start working together immediately - eeekkkk!!!!