You Are Your Northern Star

I’m so excited to think you’d like more details. In this work I teach people how to move from where they’re at right now to where it is they’d most like to be to create inner peace and a sense of purpose. Are you open to learning how to figure-out life? Figure it out so that it feels more peaceful, free, joyous and purposeful? Figure it out so that it feels less tiresome – less like someone has your life on a loop, and they keep pressing the rewind button? Yes? Then you’ve arrived exactly where you need to be at precisely the right time. Thank you so very much for joining me. 

Below are the full details over everything which I cover in this work. If you’re anything like me, I love to listen and see the information. If that’s you too, I have created a little video which I hope you will find useful. To view this, please click on the image below

Before I dive into the details of this work, I’d love first to share with you, super quick, how it all came into being. Years ago, I was in a space where I believed that life was ‘hard’. I believed that:

  • it all had to be ‘figured out’ logically before I’d move forward in my life. 
  • I thought that every horrible thing that happened to me was something to shy away from and try hard to forget about.
  • I thought I was meant to feel guilty for the things I’d done.
  • That I should avoid the places and people where these things have happened. 
  • I’d overthink everything. 
  • I’d feel like I had to do it alone. And then, and only then, would I be ‘worthy’ of feeling ‘good enough’.
  • Other people’s perception of me and my choices would be so defining that I’d always choose what they wanted me to do, and not what I wanted to
  • I would only apply myself to something if I was going to get it ‘100% perfect’.
  • I’d fall into cycles of being ‘all in’ and then crashing and burning into a more desperate place than where I started.
  • I felt like I had to worry about it all until I felt that familiar feeling of dread creep back into the pit of my stomach. This feeling felt like my autopilot space.

The work I was doing was creating inconsistent results where I felt like I’d yo-yo between ‘nailing it!’ and despair. My life was life groundhog day

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It had to change. I already read every book I could get my hands on. Ate-up the free content that the most inspiring coaches were releasing and I was making traction. I could see differences in my life but I had challenges which were buried too deep for me to see. And the more I explored, the harder they fought to stay hidden. I began to realise that insisting on doing everything myself (to save money and to feel most worthy of the results) wasn’t working.

It was time to learn how to stop pushing myself into situations, making decisions with ‘logic’, ‘thought’ and ‘planning’. And it was time to start to lean into the pull of them – to feel-out what I was being drawn towards and moving-in closer towards that. This meant that it was time to do uncomfortable things, invest in myself in ways which seemed, logically, a stretch too far. It was time to start to say ‘yes’ to my soul and start saying no to things which no longer served me. Because you know what happens, when you start to stretch yourself in these ways, and do the work?! The universe gives back in incredible ways – your world starts to work-out and make so much more sense. I had no idea what was truly possible, until I was brave and said yes…

(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 

The first thing I did was get clear on what I want.
I want to feel like:

  • I have direction
  • my life flows with ease and excitement
  • the decisions which I make are for the good of me, as well as everyone else
  • I don’t have to hide from shame and guilt
  • My relationships felt safe, warm and inviting
  • being at peace if I didn’t have the answer 
  • I could be anywhere in the world and still feel the same levels of calm and peace within myself 
  • I was confident in my business and it was in abundant overflow
  • I could actually be open to learning and sharing with others 
  • ‘perfect’ wasn’t as perfect as I thought it was
  • my life could just take on a steady pace of growth and expansion, at a pace which suited me – no more burn-out
  • my default internal feeling would feel light, peaceful and joyous

In short, I wanted to feel like I was living a life which was actually enjoyable and easy. A life where nothing felt overwhelming. Where I could deal with life’s challenges (because maaaaaan are there challenges) with ease and clarity. A life where I’m glad to be alive. All of the time. And my outside world reflected this ease and happiness.

And it began to happen. In itty bitty steps; it all began to take form. And my life of pain and suffering began to transcribe into something new. It began to shift and change. I took each pain I was experiencing and I experimented. Like a Mad Scientist (I was ashamed of how ‘mad’ I was back then, now I embrace my ‘madness’ as my most wonderfully defining feature) I started to experiment. I took each debilitating area of my life and explored how to flip it – into the exact opposite of what I was experiencing. 

Now, I am not a doctor. A doctor’s intent is to diagnose then ‘fix’ something lacking/broken. Thank GOD I am not a doctor; all that ‘fixing’! You are not broken. You do not need ‘fixing’. You need a plan; a map; a formula. Which will enable you to see past parts of you which, right now, you still believe are you. What you need is a Formula to enable you to take yourself back to the pure essence of who you truly are. And that is precisely what this Mad Scientist has made…

Sidenote: You might have gotten a little stuck here. “I’ve tried before and it hasn’t helped. It’s bad enough as it is right now. Never mind exposing more of it.  It’ll be a shit-show. Pandora’s box – and I can’t handle what’s going to come out when I lift the lid”. And herein lies the problem; you’re creating who you are right now, based off-of your past experiences. But you are not your past (however tightly your mind holds onto it). It feels impossible to move on because you hold onto this identity so tightly; it’s impossible to create a life filled with anything other. 

There is so much more. But right now, she’s hidden within you – buried underneath everyone else’s expectations and painful experiences. Your first step in healing is to make peace with the fact that you are terrified to look beyond who you are right now. Own this fact! Own that you are standing completely and utterly in the way of your life getting different. Own the fact that you are making every decision in your life based upon what you have already experienced. 

Phew! Now, we’ve gotten that out of the way, I can tell you how you’re going to meet your new/old self.

For the very first time, I invite you into a space where you get to look at yourself as being brand new. You get to peel off the layers of what has gone before, like a chameleon shedding it’s skin, and step out from what you currently identify with. And just like the chameleon, it happens at a pace most comfortable for you – so don’t freak out here, ‘it’s too much, too soon. I couldn’t possibly!’ Sometimes you’ll zip it off like a restrictive cloak the moment you feel it’s constriction with a ‘phew-wee!!’ Other times, it will slowly and delicately disentangle until you look back, see it on the floor and smile knowing it is a suit which no longer fits.

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Following it, along with a willingness to follow the rules above, is your route to Peace and Purpose. The Formula is made-up of 7 elements which will guide you to understanding, at the depths of your being, that you are not broken. You are not what they told you. You do not need fixing: it’s a Formula designed to navigate you back to your brilliance.

This Formula will teach you how to start looking at yourself with fresh, new eyes, every morning. Like it’s the first time you’re seeing yourself, every time. And it’s wonderful (and not terrifying); I promise. This will allow you to loosen the grip on who you think you should be, and will make space for you to step comfortably into who you actually are. 


The Formula is made up of 7 elements. Each element removes the cloak around seven limiting areas around your Mindset which, when left unchallenged, blocks your path. They are:

(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 

All paths on this map lead to the same place – they all lead back to you; as you lift-off the veil around each Mindset Area.

All of these areas will lead to the abundant energy source within you, which makes life feel light and easy. Delivered in a manageable and achievable format which will add to and compliment your life. It is not another unmanageable ‘thing’ on the ticklist. This work is made to marinate your heart and soul – it will naturally become your new way of being. It will cause your life to shift and change beyond recognition.

THE BONUS: Change the outside dynamics of your entire world. The dynamics between you and the people that you love will morph and change in ways which, right now, you can’t believe are possible. 

Whilst on a spa day with my husband of 20 years, he turned to me and laughed, “isn’t it incredible how much I have changed without doing one shred of ‘The Work’”. And this is the truth. He has done very little to be actively involved in this work; just like my mum, my dad, my children, my work colleagues and best friends. But that’s the beauty of this work – it changes the world of everyone that you touch. Mother Teresa’s famous quote “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family” is so freaking adpt here. For years, I didn’t understand what she was saying. And now, through this work, it makes complete sense. My clients continue to be blown away by the results that this work has upon everyone that they touch. 

You should never enter into it to do it for them. But, my goodness, it’s an incredible bonus!

It doesn’t just stop there. As you remove more and more of what you don’t want in your life, you make space for what you do. You call-in abundance; you call in more wealth, better health and start being drawn to new and exciting opportunities; more loving, healthier and happier relationships. The things that you want more of begin to become clearer. Your Map will lead you to new spaces and you will be excited to be led there.  

A balanced internal compass will make mapping-out your life exciting and inviting (and not frightening).

(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 

(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 


We are going to do something different inside this space together. I am teaching you how to create the life which, right now, you’re not allowing yourself to dream about. It’s a space where I am going to unlock the internal compass of your heart. And provide you with a Formula to make mapping-out your life exciting and inviting (and not frightening).So that you ‘get it’. So that it becomes easy and your everyday go-to default setting of navigating the storms of your life with ease and determination. You will use these strategies over and over, again and again until they change the trajectory of your entire life!

After coaching 30+ clients in the past 12 months, and watching them transform their lives , I have slowly perfected this map through this methodology; it is an easy to implement strategy for maximum impact.


(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 

Flailing around is part of the process which we all experience on a journey to growth. It is necessary. It is necessary because it’s the first time you begin to see results and change in your life. You get a flavour of what a new life with a different direction can look like. It is also a huge marker of how we, as individuals, will always be limited by our own experience (no matter how many books we read or Masterclasses we attended). Tailored individualised strategy is the way to creating consistent impact in your growth/life.

I sat in The Flailing Space for quite some time; getting the same cyclical results of ‘rockstar – burnout – start again’. So I had to start to think about how to do all of this differently…

These are the tools I have added to The Find Formula which has 10x’d the results for the sisters who are ready to change their who world, through consistent itty bitty steps, they have created their own version of a life changing mindset:

  • A Formula which systemises incredibly complex Mindset into easy to implement habits
  • Complex Mindset areas broken-down into itty bitty steps → making having monumental breakthroughs commonplace
  •  A system and strategy to enable you to learn the teachings and then easily implement them into your day without needing to find crazy amounts of time to dedicate to it
  • A ‘Secret Sensory Hack’ Formula which makes doing the work easy (even when you don’t have the energy and drive to actually do the work) 
  •  Daily Flashcards serve as an easy reminder of what your day’s focus is and how it can be implemented throughout the day in short and sharp bursts
  • Systems to evaluate you ‘Energy Levels’ and ‘Resistance Levels’ meaning that you can learn how to flow with your body, and not push against it
  • In Depth explanation summaries which speak to your heart and soul (and not your head)
  • Practical activities and ‘actions’ to show you how easy it is to make this deeply powerful work part of your everyday life, forever

The reason I am so passionate about showing up here, again and again is because I know a truth. The truth is, you get to approach every area of your life with a sense of peace and purpose. You just need to be reminded how – and this is The Formula which enables you to do it.

Not taking action, and continuing to hope and wish for something different, is going to continue to produce the same results in your life. Ask yourself, right now – do you want more of the same? Or is this the start of life getting real different for you?

1. Spot the Unserving

You learn strategies for how to spot the un-serving elements of your life. The things that are hidden deep within you and show up when you’d least like them to. The things that you don’t even realise are there but they show-up in everything that you do. The things that keep you stuck to the sofa, 5lbs heavier than you want to be, in a job you don’t like, in relationships that don’t serve you. We get objective about your current patterns and bring conscious awareness to them. You’ll have eureka moments of “HOW HAS THIS BEEN HAPPENING FOR SO LONG AND I ONLY JUST SEE IT!?!” (these words are said by my clients, multiple times, throughout the course of our time together. These are real people like you and I. People who didn’t believe that life could be more than ‘their lot’ and thought that this would never work for them). When you see it—when you ‘spot’ them—then it’s time


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday teaches you how to ‘Spot the unserving’ elements of your life. To find out what it is that’s holding you back. I introduce you to characters like Bob and Francis (these two fiends have a LOT to answer for in your current circumstance). We look at The Monkey Mind on a Monday – and how it LOVES to Bob about. We look at the things, in life, which you find triggering on Triggered Tuesday. On Wake-up Wednesday we look at your alter ego (I like to call her Francis) and how she dominates and dictates a MASSIVE chunk of your life. At the beginning of the week, I walk you through how to spot their unruly, limiting behaviours which dictate a massive chunk of your life.

2. Unlearn the Unserving

It’s time to learn how to stop the un-serving elements of your life. You should be the leading lady of your life! There will only be one consistent in your life. Ever! And that’s you! You will go to new places; meet new people; make new people; lose people you love. Life is designed to evolve and change in every way. Life is like a wild sea. And you are a ship in the middle of the wilderness. It’s stormy and it’s battering you. This work puts you back at the helm of your ship—shows you how to bail out the overflow—bucket by bucket. How to mend your mast—even when it’s snapped clean in two. Practical, guided steps on how to realign your compass. Because the precious cargo you carry is priceless (I can almost hear your ‘yeah, right’ from here but if you lean into this process you’ll soon come to realise this as fact—your truth). You nor I can call it by name but as you step further on this path you will come to realise that you are a gift born with purpose (you just need to know how to access it). Learn to stop the un-serving behaviours in your life and you find your truth.

The latter end of the week teaches you skills and strategies to ‘Unlearn the Unserving’. On Thankful Thursday I teach you how to sit in the moment and feel grateful for everything that you already have right infront of you (no matter how hard that concept feels right now). On Feel-it Friday, I walk you through how to recongise your thoughts and feelings as fleeting moments which can be seen and recognised as moments to be experienced then moved through. During Saturday Sitting, I teach breathwork and how this will transform your everyday life into something magical. And on Surrender Sunday I give you practical techniques on how to be at peace with the moment of right now – for all that it is – without second guessing or questioning yourself.


Through this work, you learn to change the neurological patterns which have been accepted as ‘your truth’ and recongise that these are often stories passed down to us through the generations. This work allows you to take itty bitty steps every day into a life changing mindset beyond anything that you can imagine right now. Life gets to be easy. And it gets to start today!

3. Find you

The final element is what I call ‘The Find You’ element. Included in each area of The Online platform are ‘flashcards’ which you can use to keep the formula alive every day – until you know it so clearly that it becomes your new unconscious thought-pattern. 

Then you Find it. You find you. You Find your truth. And you become the most unapologetic version of you that you could ever dare to imagine. And everything gets to flow. You feel brave and you learn to listen to yourself above and beyond all others without guilt or self doubt. You start stepping into changing your life in ways which, you think right now, are unimaginable. You’re no longer depleted of energy—you’re full to the brim and everyone wants to be around you to be filled-up with your surplus energy. The strategies become second nature. You embedded them so perfectly into your thought patterns that you view life as a learning adventure with every opportunity as one to take you, your life and the people in it to the next level (there isn’t a ceiling on this—it just keeps getting better, the more you step)

The Formula is made so that a Life Changing Mindset just becomes your new pattern/habit/life.

To get a different result, you have to do something different. You ready to?

If this sounds like everything you’re looking for, but you have a few questions before we begin, DM me the words ‘HOW DO WE DO THIS?’ HERE

The Breakdown:

What is the biggest thing you see standing in the way of you living your life with peace and purpose?

It’s time to Find the gift of what it’s here to teach you. Learn. And let it go with ease. And step into peace.

Do this with:

  • THE ONBOARD: A detailed Onboarding Overview to bring clarity to your Broken Brilliance

The ‘brokenness’ which you seek to heal most imminently will, through this process, turn-into your biggest blessing. This is the beginning of bringing clarity to it 

  • THE MAP: Lifetime Access to your Map: The Find Formula

A 7 Step Program to create a life changing Mindset into Peace, in itty bitty steps

  • THE COMPASS: A 45 minute 1:1 session 

To personalise and tailor your route on this journey

  • THE CREW: 7 weekS of group text & voice messaging in Voxer

A support network of Soul Sisters embarking on our journey together

  • THE MEETS: A LIVE 1 hour Group Session reflecting on the previous week & teaching the new weeks materials

For Live Q&A and teaching materials


(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 

(when paid in full today, you receive this Early-bird discount price AND additional bonus access to one month inside the Dream, Believe, Act & Achieve Program. 

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