Astronomical Abundance

 I wanna know…how do the words ‘Astronomical Abundance’. sit with you? How comfortable are you referring to yourself as having ‘astronomical abundance’? If your answer is, ‘not very’, then you’re in the right place! (If your answer is ‘super comfortable!’, well you’re in the right place too – there’s no limit to the vibe – the more comfortable you become, the more abundance you’ll draw-in). 

We’ve been taught wrong! There, I said it! I’m dead against polarised opinions but I find it challenging not to utter these words around this subject. We are not taught how to become abundant. We are taught how to work and receive an exchange. 

And we’ve been taught to equate longer hours, more exhaustion and higher levels of stress with more wealth. I worked really fucking hard as a teacher. For 12 years. My colleagues still continue to do so. With no additional rewards for their hours. Using massive amounts of their own money on the children in their classes because funding in schools are in such short supply. Working hard does not bring abundance! You’re here to deliver ground-breaking, earth shattering impact. You HAVE to have a fat bank account to support this.

We’ve also been taught to see those with wealth as greedy. We look at them with disdain. How could they possibly want more when there are so many with so little?! But the short truth is, one person having more doesn’t take away from those without. The world doesn’t work in this polarised way. The vibes of resentment and judgement drive wealth so far away from you, into the hands of those who haven’t got the world’s interest at heart. Defining people as greedy does not bring abundance!

We’ve been taught that money is scarce and should be hoarded as soon as it is collected. That it’s safer in our account, in our bra draw or under the mattress than it is in circulation. Saving for a rainy day and hoarding money does not bring abundance!

Like EVERYTHING else; we learn about money from our parents. Think about yours for a moment…when you asked for something, were you ever met with

 “Of course. Take your pick. Money is a frequency and we are attuned AF to it!” 

(First of all, LOL to my parents saying ‘attuned AF!!’) 


And second, THEY. JUST. FREAKING. DIDN’T! Why? Because their parents didn’t. And their parents before them (who probs lived through a freaking World War where rationing and not-having was standard). It’s absolutely no surprise that we’ve been raised in these ways. BUT it doesn’t mean that we want to continue into them…right?!

Now here’s where I get super WOO (but if you’re here, you already know I’m down a rabbit hole I, quite frankly, refuse to come out of now!): Money is a mindset. A frequency…an energy…a vibe. It’s super freaking WOO! And ‘woo’ is not embraced in this 3D realm. It’s discredited as ‘fantasy’ and ‘make-believe’ which is why the richest 1% of the world own half of the world’s wealth. Something doesn’t add up! And I’m here to teach you how 1 + 2 doesn’t = 3 (it equals whatever the fuck you want it to!)


Money Mindset is still something I’m working through on the daily. When my children ask me, “mummy, can we…” I’m still met by the conditioning of, “that’s a lot of pennies. We can’t buy that!” I STILL catch myself. Even now. And my world is quantum-leaps away from this space now. But the conditioning runs deep. Every up-level in life brings forth new limiting beliefs around bigger chunks of money. And every day, I strive to be consciously stronger than it. It’s how I’m stepping into new paradigms every moment of every day. It DOES NOT mean the resistance isn’t there (I love my parents and they are still a MASSIVE part of my life. I’ve re-conditioned myself to now see our meetings as my daily mental ‘Astronomical Abundance’ workout practise). 

My healing journey was slow and painful. I did a LOT by myself. Made astronomical progress and began to see life differently. But I was still stuck and limited by what I was willing to invest in myself. I’d eat-up the free content people were sharing, and read books until my eyes began to bleed, but I was always limited by my bank balance (dipping into overdrafts and ‘just getting by’ were my default-setting). I met my first coach and I knew that meeting her was divine timing – I knew it was time to get serious and do something different.


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