Welcome Home

I've been waiting for you...

It's been a long time coming & I'm so grateful we've met

Hi. I’m Emma Upton.

My clients call me a Spiritual Magician.

I have been sent here to guide those who have big ideas (and seek a life filled with more) to turn them into a reality.

To move from anxious and unorganised to abundant & aligned. 

If you have been searching for fulfillment for some time now and know that, deep down, there is something more to life than the one you’re living right now then you’ve arrived at the perfect space. 

You know that you are born for more…you just don’t know what, right?

You’ve been shoe-horning yourself into waking up early, beavering away at new projects which seem exciting then burn-out of existance. You go all-in and then it all falls apart and you’re back to square one (or maybe worse. Maybe now you’re back to square -1 because now you tried and it STILL failed!!)

There is a reason, beyond your 3D vision, which means that you can’t see what’s standing in your way. I can. That’s my gift to this world.

I help you see it & move past it

I help you to take your big ideas and make them believable. I show you how to turn them into reality as you go from anxious and unorganised to feeling abundant and aligned.


I teach you practical strategies through enlightening teachings which transforms your life, and therefore, your business